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Delivery and installation services 

with a highly professional team

 to satisfy customers.

Supplying all kinds of service units

Supplying all kinds of hoses.

Supply of hydraulic accessories.

Supplying all kinds of quick and rotary couplers.

Al-Delta-Hydraulic-&-Pneumatic-218628-mbpr-coid-178916-paid-2019 (39)

Hydraulic Egypt For General Supplies

• Importing all types of hoses from various international brands.

• Crimping and supplying all types of hydraulic hoses.

• A team trained at the highest level.

• 24/7 service.

• More than 20 years of experience.

• We provide a delivery and installation team aiming to satisfy customers.


Supplying all types of air connections in all forms.


Supplying all kinds of air meters.

  • MCV Transport.

  • EgyptAir.

  • Public Transport Authority.

  • Heliopolis Metro Facility.

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