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Our services

Supplying hydraulic accessories:

• anbal.

• Corners.

• Tayahat

• Abwash.

• Jalb.

• La'awakir.

• Supplying all types of valves, including double and triple up to 500 bar.

Supplying all types of cam locks in all sizes from 1/4 to 10 made of:

• Copper.

• Stainless steel.

• Aluminum.

• Iron.

Supplying all kinds of quick and rotary couplers.

Supplying all types of hoses, as follows:

  • Food.

  • Chemical.

  • tyl.

  • Steam.

  • Freon.

  • Thermoplastic.

  • Stainless.

  • Teflon spiral.

  • Transparent with wire.

  • Flexible.

  • Supplying all kinds of stainless steel hoses.

  • Argon welding of any stainless steel product, fixation and composition.

  • Supplying all kinds of air meters.

  • Supplying all types of air connections in all forms.

  • Supplying all kinds of service units.

  • Supply air bluff of all kinds, sizes and drawings.

  • Supplying all types of Teflon hoses & thermal wire up to 400 bar.

  • Supplying all kinds of ovens of all sizes with high pressure.

  • Supplying all kinds of basatim of all sizes and required fillings.

  • Supplying all kinds of sensors required for basatim.

  • Supply all kinds of air hoses PU - PE.

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